I like to make and wear Serendipity Jackets.   These jackets have been the source of many happy surprises for me.   It was by making them that I discovered free cut piecing, my artistic voice. I prewash silk from many sources so that the jackets will be washable. I piece the fabric to make  5 little quilt tops , (2 sleeves, 2 fronts and one back), layer the tops into quilts and quilt them.   The pieces are sewn together with silk seam binding in the seams to make them reversible. 
In addition to being washable and reversible, the size can be adjusted by moving the button and rolling the sleeves.   I use Thermore batting which makes the jackets very lightweight and "drapey", and a wonderful benefit - Thermore prevents wrinkles!

I am also a passionate knitter and often sell my Sweaters so I have included one in the slide show.  I like to use many different fabrics when I piece and likewise in my knitting I use many kinds of yarns.   I love all the surprises in the process!