Free Cut Piecing/ Drawing with Your Rotary Cutter

A simple idea with countless possibilities:   stack up pieces of fabric, slash/draw shapes through the stack, rearrange the pieces and sew them back together into units that can be combined to make traditional, abstract or pictorial designs with curves, (or not).   Think of this as drawing with your rotary cutter, but you don't have to know how to draw.   To learn the techniques, we'll sew circular blocks, leaves, hearts and maybe more. It's liberating!

Supply list
Sewing machine
Basic sewing supplies
Rotary cutter with a good blade
Cutting mat
Square rulers 6+" if you have them.   I'll bring some to share.
Hera marker, chalk pencil or chalk for marking hatch marks

6 coordinating fat quarters for leaves
4 fabrics at least 13" square for quarter circle blocks
If all your fabrics go together, you will have lots of design options.
Other fabrics for exploration; more fabric gives you more options!   Just pack extra fabric that you like.   Fabrics that read as solids are good choices.

experience level: Intermediate

6 hour class

Note:   Class handouts can be downloaded at the bottom of this page.   There are two handouts for this class:  Design Ideas and Free Cut Piecing.   There is also a pattern for a bird you can try.

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